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Sales and Promotions  "Be the change!" Germany
This is the official Post from NXCoyoteLux in the Nexon forums.
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Do your best and help making WarRock the game we want it to be.

Dear Community,

Over the last view weeks I talked to you a lot and I highly appreciate the feedback you’ve given me. I spent quite a lot of time thinking about how we can make the change happen that this game and this community needs. After a while I realized that we need to approach things from a different perspective.

Sure, I could just continue to give out cash items for events and keep doing the same thing over and over again. But let’s be honest: Is that what you really want?

I don’t think so. I think all of us want a big, competitive community where players enjoy their time in game and aren’t just after bigger weapons and items. All of these things are nice to have but what really improves the situation of a game is having a community that shows that it really cares. You’ve shown this time and time again by communicating with me and making suggestions to improve gameplay.

As a community, we all depend on each other. We all know that a few people can make a big difference, be it negative or positive. I am just one person. You, on the other hand, are many. Many of you hope that I will be able to change things for the better and I will do my best to make this happen. But there’s one thing I certainly can’t change on my own: You, the community. This is your chance to make things happen. Let us show everyone that this game still has the potential to fascinate players everywhere!

WarRock is not the youngest game anymore. And although its age clearly shows, the effort this community puts into keeping it alive and fun is amazing. I strongly believe that we can make a change happen, if we focus this positive energy from within the community on a common goal. This common goal is to bring new players to the community and show them that, despite its age, WarRock has a lot to offer. Let us do this together and show everyone what the community can achieve if it works together!

Now I want to give you the opportunity to actually be the change instead of just being able to make suggestions. But how am I going to pull that off?

It’s fairly simple when you look at it from this perspective:

Many of you are saying that in order for new players to enjoy the game, things have to be improved. While I agree with you, it also works the other way around. The more players we have, the easier it is for me to collect feedback and pass it on to the developers. Don’t worry, I hear you! But I want to hear more of you!

The more feedback I have, the easier it is for me to make things happen!

But that’s not the only reason I ask you to help us to increase our player base. The more players we have, the easier it is for me to create big events with big rewards! I cannot tell you yet what these events and prizes exactly are since it really depends on if we succeed with this mission to get more players to join our community. But what I can tell you is this: If we make this work, you’ll be in for a surprise!

Now, I could just make big promises like these and leave it at that. But in order to show you that I really appreciate your effort, I am going to reward you for bringing new players to WarRock right away!

If you participate, you will be able to earn rewards depending on which category you are in.

These are the categories:

Category 1

Bring a friend, create a new clan and make him join the new clan!


You and your friend will win the following items:

- A clan image of your design in game!

- The option to change your nickname! (For example to add a clan tag!)

- Character Package A for 30 Days!

- Rainbow Package for 15 days!

Category 2

Bring a friend and make him join your existing clan!


You and your friend will receive:

- A clan image of your design in game!

- The option to change your nickname! (For example to add a clan tag!)

Your friend will receive:

- Character Package A for 30 Days!

- Rainbow Package for 15 days!

Category 3

You don’t want to join or create a clan? That’s fine, just bring a friend to WarRock!


Your friend will receive:

- Character Package A for 30 Days!

- Rainbow Package for 15 days!

Wait, I’m not done yet!

At the end of this event, I will let you decide what your reward for bringing a friend will be! I want you to have a voice! Everyone who brings a friend will receive the reward that the community picks from a set of options that I’ll provide you with as soon as the event is over!

Please post on this thread which category you place in and provide the in-game name of your friend. I will check if he is an active player and if you met the criteria to place in this group. Don’t worry, my standards for playtime and activity of new players are absolutely reasonable. I just want to make sure that people don’t create fake accounts in order to get the rewards without actually helping us with our mission!

Remember: If we can increase our player base significantly, all of us enjoy the benefits! The game will flourish and you will be able to participate in events where you can receive far more than just simple items!

Let’s do our best to accomplish this mission! This is your chance to be the change!

Bring as many players as you can until the 4th of December!


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written by mrwatte - 14.11.2013 - 17:30

WarRock Stats  Ideas for WarRock Stats Live
Hello everyone,

So there sadly still are issues with Nexon regarding WarRock Stats Live (WRSL). They blocked my new servers IP for WRSL just a few hours after I started using bots to continue the development again. So I'm pretty much stuck at this point and I wont invest any time or money until I know it's not going to be wasted.

I have had quite a bunch of ideas and plans for WarRock Stats Live, so it'd be really sad if this is going nowhere.

One chance is the new Head GM NXCoyote who responded almost instantly to my PM and told me that he'll look into this as soon as possible for him. He made clear that he's just busy right now and has many tasks on his list. But I think he's really honest, friendly and highly motivated to work on WarRock.

So I really hope we get this sorted out and I can continue with WarRock Stats Live any time "soon".

Here's what you could expect to see at some point of time if I'm allowed to use bots AND verify your ownership of an account using these bots. Not saying everything would come, but here are my ideas.
  • Uploading screenshots and youtube videos to your profile page
  • Comment on specific games you've played and add screenshots or YouTube videos to these (including clan wars)
  • Rate players and clans you've played against.
  • Live chat: group chat, send private messages
  • Extended Server Lobby/Browser
    • Show players in specific room (including private rooms)
    • Filter rooms by various things (map, private, ping, playing, waiting, max/min players...)

  • Friendlist and "friend feed"
    • See latest actions of friends and clan members like:

    • screenshot upload

    • logins

    • level-ups

    • clan joins

  • Playtime for each player by
    • Game Mode (CCQ, BG, A.I.)

    • Map (and actual play-count for each map)

  • Features regarding clans, some only for their leaders of course
    • Add your clan avatar (as earlier with GamersFirst)

    • Post clan news on the clan profile

    • Clan shoutbox

    • Clan rankings

    • Rate clans you've played against and help others to find fair clans. There would be a ranking by these ratings.

    • Latest clan wars (can't get the wins/losses automatically though, you'd have to add screenshots to prove winning/losing/leaving)

    • Add some clan infos like website, Teamspeak Server or joining-requirements

  • Ideas against cheaters
    • Playing against someone cheating? Report him right away. There could be a daily report list with a daily report-count for each player so GMs could actually see who's most probably cheating and worth their observation.

    • Automatically detect powerlevelers by checking their last games (private room? always playing with the same enemies? how long do their rounds take?)

    • Spammer detection in the lobby

  • For website-owners and developers
    • API to get stats

    • Easily integratable clan member list

    • Easily integratable server status

  • Medals and titles for your profile anyone?
    • "Zombie lover" - play A.I. mode every day for one week

    • "King of CQC" - Be one of the most active player in CQC

    • "Top 100, daily" - Explains itself - stackable

    • ...

    You get the idea, right? Might motivate some people?

  • Signatures

So yeah, that's it for now. Let me know which of these features you like best so when I'm (hopefully) allowed to continue my work on the new site I can concentrate on these first. But still remember I'm busy with other things, too, so I can't tell when this could happen, even if I'm finally allowed to do everything I just mentioned.

Comment on this news or reply to the WarRock Stats Live thread in the official forums here: http://forum.nexoneu.c...143031-WarRock-Stats-Live

Thanks for reading.
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written by mrwatte - 10.11.2013 - 23:39

WarRock Stats  Again no Stats Germany
The official Nexon WarRock player profiles are not working again, that's why there's no stats currently, sorry.
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written by mrwatte - 27.10.2013 - 21:51

Sales and Promotions  Current situation Germany
Right now there are no stats updates running since I want to discuss everything with NEXON first. I don't wanna start sending web requests to NEXON with my new IP addresses for now.

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written by mrwatte - 15.09.2013 - 02:17
[4] comments, latest by dsga - 28.04.2014 - 13:21

Sales and Promotions  WarRock Stats back in development Germany
Hey everyone,

it's been a while since I've been working on this site, I know. However I never had the motivation to do something, just because I hadn't much more to offer from the stats I could get. Now that I've seen a new WarRock Statistics Site which grabs it's information directly from the WarRock Servers I'm going to do the same. Back in GamersFirst-times I wasn't allowed to do so, that's why I never tried.

But now, that I can the account verification, clan stats and much more can be done by using the live information from the server.

I have a few questions regarding the WarRock Stats Webdesign:
Do you want to keep the current design?
Are you fine with it?
Is there anything you would like to change about it?
Or would you like to have a new webdesign?

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written by mrwatte - 25.07.2013 - 05:28
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Sales and Promotions WarRock Event Germany
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written by mrwatte - 03.04.2013 - 01:25
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Sales and Promotions  Headshots, Matches, etc.
As most of you probably noticed there are no stats for Headshots, Matches and some other stuff. This is caused by Nexon, I can't do anything about it. The headshot count etc. on the Nexon Player Profiles isn't changing at the moment. Hopefully it's going to work again.
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written by mrwatte - 02.03.2013 - 13:44
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Sales and Promotions  NEXON Europe recruiting: 4 Home Game Masters Germany
Job position: Home Game Master

Company / Employer:
Nexon Europe SARL

Entry date:

Position availability:

2 Native Turkish speaking FPS Game Masters
2 Native Russian speaking Game Masters for FPS War Rock

Location of Work:
From Home
Job description:

  • Help in Translating and Setting up Forum and the Respective Sections
  • Providing the will to work and expand current customer service policies
  • Offering Customer Support through our Ticket System
  • Product Service and management
  • Forum / On-Call and In-Game Support Service Management and evaluation for FPS
  • Customer responsive data analysis (Event Management, Customer Relations etc.)
  • Communicate relevant customer issues with the related departments to improve service quality

Job requirements:

  • Experience with Video Games , especially First Person Shooters
  • Flexible communication skills
  • Well-organized Workflow
  • Native Turkish and high level English Skills required for FPS Positions (written and spoken)
  • Native Russian and high level English Skills required for War Rock Positions (written and spoken)


  • All other European Language Skills are considered a Plus
  • Basic Knowledge in Forum Moderation
  • Having a good overall understanding of games
  • At least 10 Hours a week of free Time

If you think you are the exact person we are looking for , do not hesitate and contact:
Mr.Chun-Bonn Tang
[email protected]

Please send your Curriculum Vitae (with photograph) and your Motivational Letter in PDF or DOC Format. If you already play one of our Games please add your Nexon ID , Game and Level.


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written by mrwatte - 09.12.2012 - 04:17
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Sales and Promotions  Last Bans are back Germany
From now on the last bans are shown again.

Last Bans

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written by mrwatte - 30.08.2012 - 20:53
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Sales and Promotions  WarRock Events Germany
Register now on chat with the admins, take part on a lot of great events, and stay tuned on all upcoming stuff of WarRock...

A little insider-info: Theres going to be a big event very soon!
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written by mrwatte - 24.08.2012 - 20:20
[4] comments, latest by dsga - 28.04.2014 - 13:23

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